Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DuPage County DUI arrest statistics for 2011

The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists has released its DUI arrest statistics for police agencies throughout Illinois. Not surprisingly, Naperville, Elmhurst, and Carol Stream led DuPage County Municipalities with DUI arrests.  However, DUI arrests for Naperville and Carol Stream were down from numbers posted in 2010,  Rounding out the top five municipalities for DuPage DUI arrests for 2011 were Itasca and Downers Grove.

Perhaps the most surprising element in the 2011 stats are not the fact that some of the leading municipalities were down slightly from 2010, but rather the relatively huge increase in DUI arrests by some municipalities.
Where Naperville DUI arrests were down by about 7% and Carol Stream down by about 3% from the previous year, Elmhurst DUI cases were up by over 15%.

The biggest increase in DUI arrests were by Downers Grove and Itasca.  In 2010 Downers Grove made 184 DUI arrests.  But in 2011, Downers Grove made 236 arrests, and increase of over 28%.  Itasca's fortunes for DUI arrests were even more stunning - up 45% over last year - from 182 in 2010 to 264 in 2011.

These variations are not easily explainable.  If the economy were the issue why would Elmhurst be up and Naperville down?  Why would Carol Stream have slipped while Itasca soars?  As a DuPage DUI attorney who's practiced DUI defense for more than 18 years, I suspect that the difference is based on the motivation supplied to officers of certain departments.  I would suggest that although they would never admit to maintaining DUI arrest "quotas"  I believe it's hard to draw a different conclusion.

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