Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If Illinois wants to reduce DUI incidents it should adopt a law similar to France. Don't hold your breath.

With many municipalities in DuPage County like Naperville, Wheaton and Elmhurst charging their DUI under local ordinance there's an argument to be made that these towns use DUI enforcement first and foremost to raise revenue.  Of course, the police departments in this towns would undoubtedly bristle at such an allegation by a DuPage DUI defense lawyer like myself.  They would say it's all about public safety.

It would be interesting to see these police departments put their money where their mouths are and back an entirely new regime of DUI enforcement statewide.  What if Illinois required all vehicles to be equipped with Breath Analysis Ignition Interlock Devices?  If this were the case DUI incidents would be dramatically reduced.

So too, would revenue for these high DUI writing municipalities though, not to mention the bars and taverns who depend on people paying for lots of drinks.

French law could be a good model for a new DUI enforcement regime.  France is serious about cutting down on drunk driving: A new law requires all drivers in the country to carry a breathalyzer in their vehicles or be fined. Car accidents kill 4,000 people there each year, and drunk driving is the main cause of those accidents, the BBC reports. The government hopes the move will save 500 lives annually by encouraging those who feel boozy to test themselves before deciding to get behind the wheel. But the fine for ignoring the law isn't huge, at just under $14. But it will apply to all drivers in the country, including foreigners, after November 1; random checks will be put in place to enforce it. It doesn't go into effect until then because there is a shortage of breathalyzer kits—tens of millions will be needed, a huge boon to manufacturers. In fact, some opponents of the law claim it was only passed because the industry lobbied for it.

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